Spring has Sprung! Spring Pest Control – Things you can do

Spring has Sprung! Spring Pest Control – Things you can do

Yes, we said it, Spring has Sprung.  Now its time to do the things to make your home or office uncomfortable an unappealing to pesky pests.  Spring is the time when insects and critters come out of hibernation and emerge.  Their goals are to forage for food to feed their young and build nests. Naturally, your home or office looks appealing and they decide to take up residence. Left unchecked, a little nuisance can turn into an infestation.

So how do you stave off an infestation by making your home unappealing, uncomfortable, an most of all inaccessible?  You have probably begun your annual spring cleaning, and this is a good time to make the little steps to keep these nuisances away.  Without further ado, as you embark on spring cleaning this season, employ these simple tips for a pest-free home:

  1. Inspect Clothing – For most, spring means putting away winter clothes and pulling out spring and summer attire. This is a perfect time, since clothing that has been stored away in boxes, to carefully inspect each piece for signs of pests and moths.  Do not ignore small holes, they are a warning sign. The clothes your putting away should also be inspected for unexpected guests.  These pests like to hide in dark places.
  2. Clear and Clean Kitchen Cabinets & Drawers – Closet drawers are the most commonly cleaned area in the spring but should not be the only area addressed. Your kitchen cabinets and drawers can be a harbor for creepy crawly creatures. The crumbs that occasionally land within your kitchen can quickly add up and attract pests. Be sure to remove all food particles and wash down your shelves.
  3. Clean Those Closets Too! – Yes, the closets that are rarely opened. As your emptying the closet, pay particularly close attention to what might be hiding inside. Empty those closets and give them a good cleaning. There might not be much in there, but you’ll have peace of mind when you discover there’s nothing hiding inside. Or, you might be glad you revealed that dead insect so you can prevent them in the future.
  4. Check and Seal Entry Points – Since the weather is nice, take the opportunity to walk around your house and seal off any entry points that could be an access point for pests to enter the comfort of your home. Check your doors and screens to ensure they’re intact and free of any cracks and crevices. Check your windows to make sure they are sealing properly. If there is an opening, the pests will find a way in.
  5. Carpet Cleaning is a Necessity – Most vacuum their home regularly. However, there could be stealthy crumbs and items hiding inside your carpet. A deep cleaning or professional cleaning of your carpet could improve your indoor air quality and remove any lingering spots and stains. Moreover, a good cleaning will eliminate the particles embedded deep inside that can attract pests.

Unfortunately, your best efforts to prevent pests from entering your home could be for naught and an infestation still occurs. On the Spot Pest Control can help with environmentally responsible methods designed to address all pest issues and prevent future unscheduled visitations from unwelcome insects and wildlife.

New Jersey residents and business owners have come to trust the experts at On the Spot Pest Control to provide a complete solution for rodent problems and infestations. When mice and rats get into your home, they can present many threats. Use a solution that is proven to eliminate the threat and seal rodents out. Call for a free pest control estimate.

Please contact On the Spot Pest Control online at www.onthespotpestcontrol.com, or call them at (908) 350-8215.

On The Spot Pest Control is a family owned and operated business serving all of northern New Jersey with a complete line of reliable residential and commercial pest control services using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methodology to eliminate infestations, and always responds rapidly and effectively to every client’s specific needs. Headquartered in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, the company is fully licensed and insured.

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