It’s Winter and you should not Try to Treat Rodent Infestations by yourself

It’s Winter and you should not Try to Treat Rodent Infestations by yourself

Rodent infestations are not a do-it-yourself project. Right now, it’s the dead of winter, in New Jersey, and rodents are looking for warm shelter with a food supply.  The other seasons they look for the same reasons, but the cold makes the need more urgent.

If you are, unfortunately, dealing with an annoying rodent infestation, after you call for help, you most likely want to know how rodents found their way into your home. Whereas, if you do not have an infestation or signs of rodent infiltration, then the knowledge of prevention is very important.  Our goal is to provide you with the tips, techniques, and information around rodent infestations and why you should not go it alone.

There are many experts, such as zoologists and pest management experts, with information that is factual regarding rats and mice. However, rodent control often turns the facts and trustworthy information into non-applicable pieces of knowledge or unsuccessfully addresses the issue. Pest control experts, such as On the Spot Pest Control, are trained to use a wide range of strategies and tactics to detect the presence of mice and rats in a home or office and they must be properly exercised to achieve results.  Simply trapping rodents is not as easy as it sounds. Their instinctual defensive behaviors assist in their avoidance of most traps.  Proper placement is the first step to extraction, but behavioral insights is required. Additionally, traps are not created equal.  Wrong trap equals failure.  On the Spot Pest Control knows what traps work and which ones don’t.

Improper techniques used in removal could leave rodents behind and leave you exposed to the dangers that come with having mice or rats in your home such as sickness, damaged building materials, damaged belongings, ticks and fleas, the smell of urine, and a distinct risk house fire.

Rodent Prevention Tips

Follow these simple tips and you can prevent the unfortunate rodent infestation many New Jersey residents and business owners have experienced.  Do not let your home be their next home.

  • Remove clutter from your property.
  • Maintain your lawn and garden areas.
  • Keep trash in tightly sealed containers.
  • Remove any water sources from your property.
  • Make sure there are no food sources for rodents outside.
  • Trim back any trees or vegetation well away from your foundation, walls, or roofline.
  • Seal up all gaps, cracks, or holes in your home.
  • Keep the inside of your home clean and free of food and water sources.
  • Acquire the services of On the Spot Pest Control!

New Jersey residents and business owners have come to trust the experts at On the Spot Pest Control to provide a complete solution for rodent problems and infestations. When mice and rats get into your home, they can present many threats. Use a solution that is proven to eliminate the threat and seal rodents out. Call for a free pest control estimate.

Please contact On the Spot Pest Control online at, or call them at (908) 350-8215.

On The Spot Pest Control is a family owned and operated business serving all of northern New Jersey with a complete line of reliable residential and commercial pest control services using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methodology to eliminate infestations, and always responds rapidly and effectively to every client’s specific needs. Headquartered in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, the company is fully licensed and insured.

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