Protect Your Property From Structural Damage

Protect Your Property From Structural Damage

Find an effective termite treatment in Gillette, NJ and the surrounding areas

Termites and other wood-eating insects can wreak havoc on your property. Every year, termites account for about $5 billion in property damage. As soon as you suspect their presence, you should schedule a termite inspection right away.

A licensed pest control technician will identify a possible infestation and provide you with the best termite treatment. Call On the Spot Pest Control LLC today to schedule a termite inspection in Gillette, NJ and surrounding areas!

We'll cater to your individual needs

You can rest assured On the Spot Pest Control is fully equipped to exterminate the pests around your home or commercial property safely. We:

  • Are state-licensed and require all technicians to pass tests to continue working
  • Provide a termite treatment that will meet your specific needs
  • Can exterminate other wood-eating bugs, like carpenter bees and ants

Every property has different needs, so we always strive to find the absolute best pest control solution for our clients. Contact us today to get a subterranean termite treatment estimate. We are based in Gillette, NJ but service the greater surrounding areas.