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You see symptoms that may be indicative of termites. Fear strikes and you begin to dollar signs. Time to call On the Spot Pest Control. (908)350-8215

On the Spot Pest Control offers a range of termite treatment options to tackle virtually any termite problem. Our options are such that properties, in Dumont, receive a customized termite treatment plan to certify the best result and riddance of termites. We offer services in Dumont and across New Jersey! We are the foremost termite treatment company in Dumont. We are the company you can trust.

On the Spot Termite Treatment in Dumont

Termite Treatments, by On-the-Spot Pest Control, is completed by state-licensed termite technicians, who are required to pass tests to assess their ability to complete termite treatments and pest control.

On the Spot Pest Control frequently requires our technicians to attend continuing education to expose our team to the widest possible range of scenarios to help them rehearse situations they will most likely encounter in the field. We are focused on ensuring our team is prepared and ready for any situation. Your Dumont home or building is in good hands with On-the-Spot Pest Control.

Every property is distinctive, which means the termite treatment will be different from house to house and business to business. Termite treatment not only differs by property but by type of termite. Hence, you need to have the peace of mind that you’re dealing with an experienced and licensed Termite Inspector, and they have documented accurate findings in their report. To ensure the successful eradication of termites, the termite team will work on this report and treat it accordingly.

Subterranean Termite Treatment – Dumont NJ

Subterranean termites exist in soil traveling to the wood, on the property chosen, through mud tubes built for protection. These tubes or tunnels are intricate and will grow over time. If the tunnels are not removed the termites will continue to come back or give the impression that the termites are still active at a later date.

A barrier will be created around the perimeter ensuring any termites will come into contact with the treatment product. Drill holes are used to apply product beneath the concrete perimeter. The goal is to ensure a complete and uninterrupted perimeter around your Dumont property. After treatment, all drill holes are filled with mortar.

Eastern subterranean termites are the most common in Dumont and colonies can grow very large and cause damage very quickly.

The Importance of a Complete Termite Treatment – Dumont

It is important to make sure treatment is complete and sufficient product has been used to ensure the complete eradication of all termites. If any area is left untreated, this can sometimes lead to the survival of a colony. If the colony survives, the problem has been decelerated and not completely treated.

Therefore, On the Spot Pest Control offers a complementary checkup for all customers, following treatment to ensure the complete elimination of every termite. Additional check-ups are typically completed on the anniversary of the initial treatment.

Don’t Wait or Procrastinate with Termite Treatment – Dumont

Don’t wait till it’s too late.  You can do things to make your home or business less attractive to termites: eliminate water leaks, vent crawl spaces, maintain vapor barriers, run a dehumidifier in dark damp basements, divert water away from foundations, eliminate wood to soil contacts, trim overgrown shrubs and trees, relocate firewood away from the structure, use pine bark mulch or replace mulch with stone.

If termites attack your home or office building, a call to the termite extermination team, in Dumont, at On-the-Spot Pest Control will eliminate termites and keep damage to a minimum.  (908)350-8215

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