Preventative Pest Control Clifton NJ

Preventative Pest Control Clifton

Clifton, NJ is beautiful, however, that does not preclude insects, rodents, and other pests from invading.  Sometimes, in our humble Clifton abodes, we discover unwelcome visitors including insects, pests, and rodents, such as rats and mice. Threats finding their way in searching for warmth and shelter, as well as food. On the Spot Pest Control frequently deals with home or office pest invasions or infestations after the fact. We actually like to take a proactive approach beforehand, which benefits you.  The most important step for any homeowner or business owner is to be proactive before any invasion or infestation.  Proactive or preventative pest control Clifton is a vital part of managing and controlling pests in and around the home.  We believe in the humane way of handling pests and rodents! We, at On the Spot Pest Control, is the foremost pest control experts for Clifton preventative pest control (908)-350-8215.  With the help of our highly experienced experts, we have put together some items and actions homeowners and businesses can do to help stop pests before becoming a problem.

Preventative Pest Control in Clifton Begins with Sealing Your Home or Business

The seasons, experienced by Clifton residents, take their toll on homes through shifting and settlement.  Therefore, On the Spot recommends a regular inspection of your home for any cracks or holes, inside and out.  Look for areas that aren’t easily visible, such as underneath the kitchen and bathroom sinks. Furthermore, check areas around pipes, utilities, and wiring and seal up any spaces.  It should be simple to safely seal up small cracks, holes, and crevices.  However, some cracks and holes are too large or at a level not easily, much less safe, to reach and require the help of a professional pest control service.  Make sure all windows seal like they were designed and replace screens with holes or torn spots. If you find any vents uncovered, cover them with mesh.  Check door weather-stripping and replace as needed.  Some pests are attracted to water, thus repair of leaky faucets, appliances, and pipes.

Regular Preventative Pest Control Tasks for Clifton Residents

A clean and decluttered home often reduces the chances of unwanted pests.  Regular vacuuming seems tedious but is a necessary chore to keep pests at bay.  Remove unnecessary clutter, including papers, which often provide easy hiding and nesting places, or even nesting materials, for many types of pests. Refrain from storing items in cardboard boxes, because they are easily chewed through.  The best storage item is sturdy plastic or metal bins. The most logical piece of the preventative pest control puzzle is disposing of garbage.  Clifton residents produce a lot.  It requires proper storage, including closing garbage bags. Why? Wildlife, such as raccoon or rats, are a nuisance and will dig through open garbage left outside.  Wildlife tends to learn quickly if you provide an easy meal.   Regular rinsing of garbage containers is recommended due to food or liquid left on the bottom can attract pests.

Preventative Pest Control – Food Storage

Food Storage is a common area that will attract unwanted pests. This area On the Spot recommends several simple steps:

  • Store food in sealed containers and/or in the refrigerator.
  • Food spills, crumbs, liquids, etc. should be cleaned up immediately
  • Wash or place dirty dishes in the dishwasher
  • Inspect your groceries (including packaging and bags/boxes) as you’re putting them away
  • Pet food should be stored in sealed containers
  • Do not leave pet food outside (it’s highly attractive to rodents in particular). If you feed your pet outdoors, immediately remove the dish after he’s done eating. Do not leave ‘leftovers’ outdoors.

Finally, regularly monitor your home or business for any moisture problems and rectify any found promptly.

The Clifton, NJ home or business owner who undertakes sound preventative pest control measures is a happy home or business owner. Understanding that a good preventative pest control coupled with the professional pest control services provided by On the Spot Pest Control, will provide peace of mind and reduce the chances of an invasion of unwanted pests significantly.   Shelter, water, and food are what pests look for.  If you remove it, they will go elsewhere.  Start today and protect your home or business with Clifton’s premier pest control company, On the Spot Pest Control.  (908)-350-8215

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