How to pick a pest control company and once you picked one, now what??

This is a question that a lot of people ask when they have NO idea what’s going on and they’re seeing bugs, animals, insects, or any kind of creepy crawler and they need someone to help them right away. Here are some things to look for:

  1. Does the company handle your current pest issue?

On The Spot Pest Control handles practically every pest issue you can think of – termites, carpenter bees, carpenter ants, ants, roaches, spiders, bees, wasps, squirrels, groundhogs, mice, bats, birds, ticks, fleas, mosquitos – and then some that you wouldn’t even think of – dead animal removal like a raccoon that died in a trash can. We even handle SNAKES!!  We are also experts in identifying what pests are causing customer issues and rectifying the problems in a timely manner.

  1. What do the reviews for the company say?

On The Spot Pest Control has remarkable reviews all over the web.  (If you don’t believe me, just google “On The Spot Pest Control Reviews” to see for yourself!)

At the time I’m writing this, we have a 4.8 from 92 google reviews, 4.9/5 from 349 reviews on ContactUs, 4.8/5 from 43 Facebook votes, and 4.6/5 from 52 Thumbtack reviews. You can click through each of these and read them for yourself.;

  1. Look for some keywords in the reviews. Are those things you want in a Pest Control company?

On The Spot Pest Control’s top key words are friendly, knowledgeable, highly recommended, professional, thorough, reliable, etc.  These are things I would want in a pest control company, how about you?

  1. But what if I see a bad review for the company, should I move on to someone else?

No one can please everyone out there, but you can tell that the vast majority of customers are very happy with On The Spot Pest Control. See if the negative review is something that is important to you or if it resonates with you.  If you see that most customers recommend On The Spot Pest Control and continue to use us, we’re doing

something right.

  1. Now that you’ve narrowed down your search, what’s the best way you want to communicate with the company of your choice?  Do you want to call them? Do you want to email them? Do you want to submit a website inquiry? On The Spot Pest Control allows you to do all of the above.  You can also contact us through Yelp, Facebook, Thumbtack, Home Guide, and the Nextdoor app. On The Spot Pest Control strives to give the best customer service possible and our response timing is very timely.  We understand when you have problems with pests, you want them solved right away. We can communicate with you in whatever way you feel works best and is the most convenient for the customer.
  1. Can the company come out when I need them?

On The Spot Pest Control is flexible, reliable, and transparent.  We service our customers within the requested timeframes and as soon as we possibly can. We try to be as accommodating as possible, we will do our best to meet your needs. We know you have busy lives we’re just like you!

In conclusion, there are many companies these days to choose from. There are also, many factors in choosing the company that best suites’ your needs. General public comments on social media plays a huge factor in all kinds of decision making, we understand. Here at the On The Spot Pest Control, we are fully insured and we are family owned and operated, we strive in meeting our customer’s pest control needs by providing quality service at a price every budget can afford. We use our own technicians and treatments on our homes so we know you’ll be just as happy when you choose On The Spot Pest Control for your home pest control services as well! We hope this article helps you with your decision making if you ever need us, we’re here for you!

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