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On the Spot Pest Control provides exceptional expert pest control solutions, in Point Pleasant, to protect health, families, businesses and properties against every type of pest possible, from termites to rodents.   We are the leading provider of exterminator services in Point Pleasant, NJ. 

Our belief is to solve pest problems at the source, using only the best technology, highly trained experts, and customer service beyond approach. No one wants bugs or pests taking up residence in your home or office.  Whether you are experiencing problems with bed bugs, termites, rats, mice, wasps, or ants, On the Spot Pest Control Point Pleasant is the easy answer! 

Call Today! (908)350-8215  We specifically tailor our services to fit your unique needs. 

We are Your Point Pleasant Exterminator.

Insects, rodents, and other pests are important to our fragile ecosystems.  However, problems arise when they decide to take up residence within our homes or offices.  These pests are notorious for spreading infectious diseases and even harmful bacteria.  If not exterminated, spiders and bedbugs can bite you and your family, and some are bad enough to require medical attention. Under the careful watch of On the Spot, you can relax and enjoy your home and family, knowing you are protected from the invasion of pests.

What is an Exterminator? – Point Pleasant

An exterminator, in Point Pleasant, is no different than an exterminator anywhere else in New Jersey. The difference can be found in the level of service, experience, and quality of customer service.  As for the definition, an exterminator is a person who exterminates or eradicates unwanted pests and rodents. 

What does a Point Pleasant Exterminator Do? – Point Pleasant

Exterminate means to destroy or eliminate. An exterminator is typically called in to rid a home or office from an infestation of unwanted pests.  For some Point Pleasant residents, when they call an exterminator, they want the pests killed.  They want to walk into a room that was treated aggressively and see an annihilation of dead cockroaches belly-up.  

Most envision a technician with a backpack filled with chemicals using the spray hose to spray chemicals throughout a home and then watch the bugs falling from the ceiling. This may be true if the infestation is bad enough, however, this action can be avoided with a full pest control service plan designed for Point Pleasant, that heads off pests from the outset. 

Point Pleasant Exterminator

At On the Spot Pest Control, we provide pest control and exterminator services for Point Pleasant, NJ.  We have many plans designed for every size home or business that will not break the budget. 

Call us today whether you need an exterminator immediately or pest control services to head off the need for an exterminator. (908)350-8215

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