Termite Control, in Mahwah NJ, to Protect Your Residential and Commercial Properties

Have you noticed spots on your walls or baseboards where the paint is uneven or bubbling?  Are little wings appearing all of a sudden?  These may be the signs of a termite infestation.

The confirmation, of a termite infestation in your Mahwah property,  can only be determined by a complete termite inspection.  First, you must reach out to the top-rated termite control company in Mahwah, On the Spot Pest Control.  Not only are the best in town but the best price! On the Spot Pest Control has an industry-leading termite control program. On the Spot Pest Control stays on the front lines in new termite control products and treatment techniques.  Do not delay. Call Now! 908-350-8215

Termite Damage – Mahwah

Across the United States, termites cause over $5 billion in home damages annually. They destroy property in an amazingly simple way: eating and reproducing. Termites work in colonies and burrow in dark, moist spots. They feed off moist or dry wood and that means they have plenty of energy to reproduce and thrive.

Termites are truly dangerous because they can go undetected for years before any visible signs appear to homeowners. Without professional inspections, they can continue to feed until your home becomes a structural mess, costing you thousands. Termites are a bigger threat than fire, floods, and other natural attacks.

Correctly Identifying Termite Infestations – Mahwah Termite Control Services

Are the little balls you see cricket droppings or dry wood termite pellets?  Did you find a Mud Dauber Nest? Are you sure?  It may be a Sub Terraranan Termite Tube? Swarming Ants or Swarming Termites? Same as the questions above, these are just some of the many misidentified signs of termite infestations. Not identifying these signs correctly could result in costly treatment that does not solve the real problem. On the Spot Pest Control can correctly identify the signs with one of our free termite inspections.

Different Termite Treatment Methods for Mahwah NJ Residences and Offices

Homes and office buildings are built the same, Mahwah, resulting in recommended termite treatments.  Controlling termites requires knowledge and experience to suggest the correct termite treatment, giving sound advice, and providing your best options.  Has this piqued your curiosity as to the different treatments for eliminating termites?  Listed below are some of the most common.

  • Full Drill Treatment – The best option, if you have a floating slab home with a large amount of termite activity. This treatment requires treating the exterior of the foundation around the entire perimeter of the home and drilling through the foundation to treat the interior side of the foundation.
  • Perimeter Treatment – This is the most common type of termite treatment which involves drilling attached slabs, the garage, and trenching the soil along the foundation.
  • Bait Station System – Termite bait stations are commonly used on homes with decorative slabs (tile, pavers, painted, etc.) that cannot be drilled into or where the soil around the foundation cannot be treated.
  • Soil + Problem Area – If you have a post-tension home, this is the typical termite treatment. This type of home does not allow for drilling into any slabs or the garage.

Mahwah Termite Control Services

Looking for the signs of a termite invasion and taking preventative measures to prevent these pests is part of owning a home and an unpleasant one at that. Do not leave your home exposed and your treatment to inexperienced exterminators.  Go with a company you can trust.  A company reliable, dependable, and quick to respond. On the Spot Pest Control is your termite control experts in Mahwah.  We are here when you need us. 908-350-8215

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